Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My trilingual post on Kone Foundation's Boldness blog

I happily accepted the invitation of Kone Foundation's Boldness blog to write about my work on the management of linguistic diversity, with a special regard to my position as a researcher in a minority position. The text was published today in English, Hungarian and Finnish.

I continue my work as a Kone Foundation grant holder from April 1st so this invitation gave me an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and preparation for my upcoming project. First I prepared the draft in English and discussed it with the editors. I then translated the finalized text to Hungarian, and Kalle Korhonen made the Finnish version. Thank you, Kalle! Publishing the same content in three languages expresses my multilingual life situation very well.

Boldness Blog, as it describes itself, deals with
being bold: we discuss the meaning of boldness, grant recipients talk about their projects and we also invite others, both friends and strangers, to contribute.
You can read my text

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