Monday, 28 April 2014

The first words

Interested in education, I study how students and teachers communicate with each other and with researchers who visit their school. I'm one of these researchers: a linguist who moved from Hungary to Finland to observe Hungarian education from another perspective.

A city of lakes: Jyväskylä

I chose the title "Finding own words" for my current research project because I want to listen to the students' and teachers' personal voices and words, and I somehow want to help them in finding their own words to express themselves. I have a couple of questions about the protagonists of school life, for example (1) how do they use language in order to find their place in the school community and activities? (2) How do they tell about their lives for others? And (3) how can research help in making education better, more democratic, involving and enjoyable?

I gather new impressions and thoughts in an inspiring environment, at the University of Jyväskylä. I've just started my two-year Marie Curie Research Fellowship at the Centre for Applied Language Studies, and I excitedly look forward the upcoming months. Please feel free to follow me to seminars, conferences around the world, to read and watch the most interesting papers and videos I found, and to share your experience and thoughts with me!

If you're interested in my publications and other details of my work, please visit my site.

Tamás Péter Szabó