Sunday, 6 October 2019

Everyday Creativity

I have contributed to an international in-service teacher education program Everyday Creativity – Boosting the internal creative resources of European schools with Finnish models of education for creativity (Erasmus+ KA2 project, December 2017 – November 2019). The team of the University of Jyväskylä was responsible for developing a teacher education program, its materials and a Teachers' Handbook which is built on the tasks, workshops and participants' course work. I have led the Jyväskylä team and co-developed the course with Kristóf Fenyvesi. Later Gomathy Soundararaj and Tea Kangasvieri joined us in editing the Handbook which will be published soon, in October, in the participants' working languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and Dutch.

The above video presents how we developers of the blended course and its participants perceived various aspects of creativity. Developing, teaching and supervising the course, it has been very important to know what we had been doing and why. One result of our self-reflective educational development work was a conference poster I co-authored with Gomathy Soundararaj and Tea Kangasvieri. In this poster, we discuss the challenges and solutions of transforming the pedagogy of in-service teacher education to enhance openness. In particular, we asked how the pedagogical nature of the course changes in a new, open and unsupervised learning environment. You can read the poster and some pieces of background information about it on the project website.

Project website with interesting news, teachers' self-assessment tool and online course materials: (available also in Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and Dutch).

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