Monday, 19 December 2016

A workshop on co-located schools

I am the postdoctoral researcher of the Jyväskylä Language Campus project Multilingual schoolscape – Multilingual learning environment which organized a workshop on co-located schools on 2 December in Jyväskylä. Co-located schools (kieliparikoulut/samlokaliserade skolor) are cases where a Finnish and a Swedish medium school have moved together. Currently there are 35–45 such schools in Finland, and their number is growing. In co-located schools, a multilingual environment is given, but the potential of such cases has only recently been recognized for language learning and practice. 

Our team

The c. 30 workshop participants consisted of a rare but excellent combination of upper secondary school students, (head) teachers, researchers and school administration. During the one-day event, we were engaged in lively conversations on multilingual environments from several viewpoints: we discussed the latest results from contemporary research projects, learnt about students’ insights and perspectives, and draw plans for future cooperation. I summarized the presented papers and the group discussions in my guest post on the Jyväskylä Language Campus Blog

Szabó, T. P.: A workshop on co-located schools. Kielikampus blog, 19.12.2016. URL:

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