Friday, 18 November 2016

My new paper on Hungarian schoolscapes

Recently I published a paper on agency and the management of diversity in Hungarian schoolscapes. In this paper I study agency from two points of view. First, I investigate how reflections on the schoolscape help us to reconstruct educational practices and understand the role of various agents (students, teachers, parents, external agents like politicians, publishing companies, etc.) in processes of teaching and learning. Second, I am interested how the researcher's agency influences the fieldwork situation in which we generate the data together with the research participants. I analyze walking tours in four Hungarian school buildings (I wrote about my walking-based method tourist guide technique earlier in another paper as well). 

In the paper I devote special attention to language ideologies concerning the so-called standard varieties of languages the students learn as second languages. Discussing the data, I arrive to examples of hybrid practices where the language of the signs on display cannot be identified exactly so various interpretations are possible. Finally, I draw conclusions emphasizing the ethical aspects of schoolscape research. 
The paper is written in Hungarian and is available online.

Szabó, T. P. 2016. Ágencia és a változatosság kezelése magyarországi iskolák nyelvi tájképében [Agency and the management of diversity in the schoolscape of Hungarian schools]. In: I. Kozmács & I. Vančo (eds.), Sztenderd – nem sztenderd [Selected papers from the 18th Conference of Hungarian Sociolinguistics]. Antológia, pp. 231–242.

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