Thursday, 5 November 2015

My new article: Researcher ideologies and the dilemma of getting involved “on the field”

I published an article in Hungarian in an edited volume which targets general audience and provides insights into the theory and methodology of different linguistic fields, including applied language studies. Building on my own experience, my self-reflective contribution analyzes the processes of carrying out fieldwork and writing up research papers. Papers based on own fieldwork data raise questions concerning the retelling of lived experiences in a structured order, for certain purposes. 

What was my own role in generating the data? What details do I share with the readers about the research setting? How do I construct my role as a narrator in the research paper? I tried to answer these questions while analyzing an interview excerpt in detail.

Szabó, T. P. 2015. Kutatói ideológiák és a személyes bevonódás dilemmája „terepen” [Researcher ideologies and the dilemma of getting involved “on the field”]. In S. Szeverényi–T. Szécsényi (eds.), Érdekes nyelvészet [Interesting linguistics]. Szeged: JATE Press, 105–114.

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