Monday, 5 October 2015

Back to Norway!

Yesterday I arrived to Tromsø for a week. As I mentioned in another post, we organize a two-day workshop with my colleagues, Prof. Hilde Sollid and Florian Hiss on 8–9 October. I'm happy to be here again!

The first morning view of Tromsø from my hotel

I will have an interesting program before the workshop as well. On 6 October, I meet Hilde's colleagues and share my experience with Interviewing children. On 7 October, we have a whole-day data seminar with Hilde's research group; first, I talk about Pictures as data  and then we analyze together the materials collected by the research group. After the seminar comes Jürgen Jaspers' guest lecture Sociolinguistics ideologized: constructions of expertise in mainstream media which will be presented as the year's Annual lecture in memory of Alf Sommerfelt. 

On 8–9 October, we will have our two-day workshop Contextualizing Linguistic Diversity in Institutional Settings. I'm excited because the program sounds really interesting (you can read it online).

On 12 October I visit the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing) in Oslo. I meet Prof. Elizabeth Lanza and Prof. Anne Golden to continue our discussion about researching schoolscapes (we presented our papers on schoolscapes in the same session at the 7th Linguistic Landscape Workshop in California this May).

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